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    Concrete Stenciling in Brisbane

    How much does it cost to stencil concrete?

    Concrete stenciling can be performed on any grade of concrete surface. It is a popular choice for patios, driveways and pool decks. The overall cost to stencil depends upon the size, level of detail and complexity of your design as well as the expense of materials used in your project.

    In general however, the cost to stencil ranges from $10 – $20 per square meter. A very simple pattern might fall within the lower end of this range while more complex patterns or those including intricate details will be closer to the higher end. Cost can also vary based on location; costs typically tend to run higher in areas with high labor rates.

    There are concrete stencils available for every budget; there are options for all concrete surfaces from the do-it-yourself concrete stains to full concrete overlays. These concrete coatings come with a warranty but they do not last forever; most concrete overlay patterns will begin to fade and soften after approximately 10 years.

    As with any home improvement project, you need to compare your costs before you change your concrete floors. In the case of concrete stenciling however, cost should be just one factor in determining if your concrete needs this treatment or not. As we’ve already discussed, it may still be quite expensive even if your floor is small or simple . As concrete overlay products are a relatively new product, concrete stenciling is likely to become a more realistic option in the future.

    For those that have already concrete stenciled their floors however, they often say that it was the right decision for them as they get so much enjoyment out of their concrete floor every day.

    A concrete overlay can greatly enhance the look of plain concrete floors and change your home’s appearance for the better . It’s not something that everybody needs to do but if your concrete has started looking crumbly then you might be wondering if this is an improvement worth making.

    Can you stencil existing concrete?

    Stencil concrete surfaces require a special concrete stencil paint to adhere properly. Make sure to use concrete stenciling products that are designed for this task!

    Stencil concrete surfaces with concrete stencil paint that is specially formulated for concrete, and will not damage or discolor the concrete surface when painted on. The right type of concrete stencil paint will mean the difference between a quality end result and something lasting only a short time!

    Make sure to buy concrete paints and other products from reputable companies. Often times cheaper brands have less than stellar track records in terms of both performance and reliability – you get what you pay for!

    Keep an eye out for corrosion-resistant colors, since painting existing concrete may leave your project vulnerable to concrete corrosion.

    When applying concrete paint, it’s important to remember that concrete is porous and the concrete stencils should be sealed with a concrete sealer. Not adhering to this step could result in unsightly seepage of concrete paint down through the concrete into the ground below, leaving an unfinished look. The concrete sealer can easily be applied within 24 hours after the concrete paint was laid on (assuming both are done within 14 days).

    Always wait at least 72 hours after painting before sealing your new concrete! If you don’t do this, there is a chance that not only will your concrete not get sealed properly, but also that some of your newly painted pattern may bleed or fade away from moisture in the concrete itself.

    You should be able to find concrete sealers at any hardware store. The concrete stain kits and concrete paint kit I’ve seen come with concrete sealer so you don’t have to worry about buying one separately. You need a concrete sealer that is designed for this purpose, not a “concrete cleaner,” but some of them both clean and seal so it’s a win-win situation!

    The concrete stain can be applied in as thin or thick layers as you like, just make sure that each layer dries completely before applying your next coat. Drying time depends on temperature; indoors drying may take anywhere from 1 hour (maybe even less) to overnight, while an outdoor concrete project should dry within 14 hours.

    The concrete stain can be applied to concrete, concrete block, stamped concrete, or concrete pavers (like a driveway). You’ll want to start with clean and dry concrete surfaces. Use a broom to sweep the area you’re planning on treating, then use a garden hose to wash it off thoroughly. Any contaminants in the concrete will affect your finished product; washing it is important!

    After that’s done, make sure your tools are set up and ready for priming before you begin applying concrete paint. If you’ve never used this product before, make sure you get instructions on how the technology works so you know what extra steps (if any) might be necessary BEFORE applying anything!

    How do you paint over concrete stencils?

    This concrete stenciling in Brisbane tutorial explains how concrete is first laid, and then concrete ‘stencils’ are painted over the concrete.

    What you will need to do concrete stenciling:

    • – concrete stencils (if you’re stencilling letters, you can buy concrete stencils at a hardware store)
    • painter’s tape
    • paint brush / roller
    • cement mix (bag of quickcrete should be enough for 1 or 2 smaller sized concrete surfaces)
    • spade (or something else to shape your concrete into block/square shapes). If doing shapes that require rounded corners, I would recommend using an electric drill with sandpaper bit so you don’t have to spend hours trying to get perfect finished edges. You can also use concrete blocks or bricks to shape your concrete, but it’ll take a long time.

    If you can afford it, definitely hire an electric concrete stamping tool. It will make life much easier!

    Concrete Stenciling in Brisbane Process:

    1. Decide what concrete stencil design you want to create on the concrete and draw out where each concrete stencil design/shape will go onto the concrete with painter’s tape. You may need several pieces of tape over one another if your concrete isn’t very big (e.g., many numbers such as a telephone number). This is also where you would place your electric concrete stamper for polka dots/other small designs (or an electric drill with concrete drill bit if you don’t have an electric concrete stamping tool at all).
    2. If using concrete paint, I recommend using white concrete paint. A dark concrete stencil design may be hard to see on a darker concrete color. The concrete can also be sealed after painting the concrete with concrete sealer or something similar (e.g., Satin Finish ). This will help prevent your concrete from being so “slippery” that it is difficult to walk on and/or do anything else in the concrete area ( e.g., planting small plants etc.).
    3. Tape off any area that you do not want colored or painted with concrete paint. You can use ANY waterproof tape (painter’s tape for example).
    4. You can either choose to mix concrete and concrete paint or concrete sealer depending on the type of concrete you’re working with.
    5. It is easier to stencil a concrete surface that is not too large in size ( e.g., one big concrete area). If this is your first concrete stenciling project, I would go for a minimum of 10 square feet. Otherwise it might be too difficult to cut out all the different colors and patterns from solid colored concrete stencils if they are larger in size ( e.g., if you were trying to do several different concrete designs as shown in the photo below). The larger the concrete area, the more difficult it is to get smooth edges around each separate piece of colored concrete design.
    6. It is easier to stencil concrete on a surface that has been put onto new concrete. If you are working with concrete that has been poured within the last couple months, it will be pretty easy and smooth to use concrete stencils on top of it. However , concrete that is much older than two months might have cracks or crevices that make it difficult for concrete stenciling designs to go over them.
    7. When you initially start out with concrete stenciling, choose a solid colored concrete pattern first so you can get used to how concrete does not easily absorb paint when using concrete stencils. Solid color concrete patterns allow you to practice getting a consistent amount of paint thickness applied from your roller while still leaving concrete visible.

    There is no concrete stenciling project that can not be completed using concrete stencils with the right commitment and a steady hand! If you’re a novice concrete stenciler, this will certainly make your concrete projects come out great!

    Hopefully after reading this blog post, you have learnt something new about concrete stenciling in Brisbane and can apply some of these tips to your concrete jobs! Just before finishing up this article, let me share one last tip for concrete painting. Now I know from experience that roller brushes, paint rollers, rarely leave an even coat of paint over concrete projects. It might take a lot of practice but if you find it hard to get it right, getting a concrete sprayer for your concrete stenciling job is the best solution!

    All concrete projects are made better with concrete stencils!

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