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    Concrete Driveway Resurfacing in Brisbane

    Can you resurface a concrete driveway?

    The answer is yes. But it is not as simple as concrete overlay concrete driveway and concrete driveway repair. Overlaying concrete on a concrete driveway is only possible if the concrete has been laid less than 15 years ago so that there are no cracks, joints or deterioration in the concrete surface to cause problems when you lay concrete over it again.

    If the concrete is over 15 years old and has cracks or joints that allow water to seep into concrete, then concrete overlay concrete driveway will create more problems than it can solve.

    So what do you do if your concrete driveway needs repair? Do you have to take up all of the concrete and replace it with new concrete? The answer may surprise you.

    Concrete overlaid concrete driveway within 15 years can be resurfaced without the need of ripping up all of it. This process is called ” concrete overlay concrete driveway”. The old concrete driveway will simply be removed and new concrete material laid on top of the existing concrete to repair concrete driveway.

    A concrete overlay concrete driveway professional will be able to help you make the right decision for your concrete resurfacing project. They are trained and experienced in this type of technology and can advise you on methods and materials that suit your needs best. Don’t just think of concrete overlay concrete driveway as a quick fix or something for concrete driveway repair concrete driveway. Concrete overlay concrete driveway professionals see it as a great way to save costs on concrete repairs and keep concrete overlays looking good for longer.

    Does concrete driveway resurfacing last?

    Concrete driveway resurfacing is a special concrete repair project that involves overlaying concrete in need of repairs with a new concrete layer. This method of concrete driveway resurfacing is a very cost effective way of extending the life expectancy of concrete surfaces and preventing further damage to the older concrete layers underneath.

    Usually, concrete has to be compacted before concrete driveway resurfacing can be done to clean up the concrete surface and allow concrete driveway resurfacing products to adhere properly. The concrete should also be cleaned of all adhering old concrete that is above the original surface.

    Concrete that has been covered with asphalt or other mixtures will not hold concrete driveway resurfacing products and will just be wasted.

    The concrete driveway resurfacing concrete products require the right temperature to adhere properly. The concrete should be between 15°C to 30°C (60°F – 90°F) for best results. If the concrete concrete driveway resurfacing product is applied when it is too cold, it will not adhere correctly to the concrete.

    New concrete driveway resurfacing will not require a primer, but old concrete concrete driveway resurfacing will need a polymer basecoat 30 minutes before coating with the concrete concrete driveway resurfacing product. The surface must be free of all dust and dirt.

    All concrete driveway resurfacing must be fully cured and free of any moisture. It is a two-part system, with Part A being the basecoat and Part B being the concrete concrete driveway resurfacing product itself. There are several concrete driveway resurfacing of each part; some are high gloss, others sat in. When concrete driveway resurfacing your concrete, it is best to get at least two grades of different gloss using three or four colors and two part systems as well.

    The concrete driveway resurfacing product that is the basecoat should be applied first, allowing 30 minutes for the primer to concrete. If concrete driveway resurfacing any painted concrete, 30 minutes should be concrete for smooth concrete. One coat of concrete driveway resurfacing is needed; however if concrete driveway resurfacing two part system, allow the concrete to dry 24 hours before applying Part B concrete concrete driveway resurfacing product. If getting only one coat, it should be allowed 2-3 hours before applying the concrete sealer. Get three coats of the concrete sealer on top of the concrete next.

    Professional concrete sealing can extend the life of your concrete for years, protecting it from stains and spills.

    How can I make my concrete driveway look new again?

    Concrete driveway resurfacing can be the most economical concrete surface preservation solution you’ll find. Especially if you have concrete that are in a poor or damaged condition, concrete driveway resurfacing is probably your best bet to get it looking new again.

    You might also ask why concrete driveways need repair and not just replace concrete driveways; concrete driveway resurfacing is a more economical solution. If concrete driveway surface is in poor condition, concrete driveway resurfacing will give you great appearance and concrete will last even longer.

    The process of concrete road restoration requires using polymer modified stucco to cover the surface you want fixed up. A strong polymer wall like this will be able to protect concrete driveway from water damage as well as offer a smooth and hard finish that is scratch resistant.

    The surface preparation process involves concrete grinding, concrete scarfing or concrete brazing. In this process the concrete will be ground down in order to improve its quality. This process smoothens out concrete, removes cracks and helps it look like new concrete.

    A concrete driveway restoration specialist will be able to tell you whether concrete resurfacing is better for your concrete than concrete stripping, concrete replacement or concrete overlays. These are the most popular services offered by our company, but there are a few more options as well. A concrete driveway restoration company can help you decide which of these services is right for you.

    Before concrete resurfacing, concrete stripping or concrete replacement can take place, an expert will need to diagnose the concrete’s condition.

    Five grades of concrete deterioration that concrete driveway restoration specialists look for when they examine your concrete surface:

    • Grade 1 – This means no sign of damage and not in need of any concrete repair or concrete resurfacing.
    • Grade 2 – This means minor concrete damage and not in need of concrete repair or concrete resurfacing, but may only require a concrete wash and seal to bring back  its original look.
    • Grade 3 – This means moderate concrete deterioration and concrete resurfacing is recommended. A concrete driveway restoration company can repair concrete driveways in this  graded concrete repair situations.
    • Grade 4 – This means significant concrete damage and concrete restoration is recommended. Concrete resurfacing is what concrete driveway restoration experts recommend for concrete that is in a graded concrete repair situation like  this, as they can completely remove the existing surface before applying fresh new concrete.
    • Grade 5 – This concrete repair situation means the concrete is severely damaged and concrete restoration by concrete resurfacing experts is recommended. A concrete driveway restoration company will remove all traces of the old concrete, fill the entire area with new concrete before polishing it to a smooth finish.

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    How much does it cost to resurface a concrete driveway?

    The typical cost to resurface concrete in Australia is in between $100 as well as $150 per square meter. Preparation job is needed as well as includes greater than simply repainting the surface area, which sets you back approximately $30 to $60 per square meter.

    Two of the most significant choices you need to think about in relation to your concrete driveway price are whether you intend to resurface your driveway or completely rip up and afterwards install a new concrete driveway. On top of that you have the selection as to whether you want to hire a group of professionals to complete the task or do it on your own. Unfortunately you just have to walk around your neighbourhood in Sydney to see examples of those with excellent intentions to renovate their driveway, just to see 3 months down the track the very same driveway requiring determined job done. Nowadays time is the greatest factor in your life therefore working with a team of certified concrete professionals is the smarter selection.

    Contrast the above checklist of benefits for resurfacing your concrete driveway with ripping up your present driveway as well as going back to square one as well as you’ll see why we believe your best choice is definitely concrete resurfacing. Certainly you’ll conserve a significant quantity of money doing it in this manner.

    You may need complete concrete replacement sometimes. That implies the concrete needs to be removed, the base repaired and afterwards a totally new concrete slab to be poured from the scrape. Replacing your concrete piece has completely different rates and not all concreters do it.

    The most crucial elements that determine rate are based on dimension, condition of existing concrete and type of coating.

    A much more complicated project also requires even more products like a climate strip or a concrete sealant. These are usually not consisted of in basic quotes. Ask your service provider in advance what are consisted of in the price quoted to you.

    Factors That Determine Cost to Resurface a Concrete Driveway

    • Size of driveway: Repairs are more expensive for concrete larger than 12 feet wide by 20 feet long.
    • Water penetration: Cracks in concrete where water can seep through lead to concrete corrosion; this is the most common cause of concrete resurfacing.
    • Freeze-thaw cycles: A concrete driveway that experiences an increase in traffic may have more freeze-thaw cycles or concrete deterioration.
    • Other concrete driveway resurfacing costs may include concrete removal, concrete repairs and grading fees. Weigh these with concrete resurfacing prices to determine if it will be worth spending money on concrete maintenance or perhaps a re-paving project is the best option for your needs.
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